Welcome to the "finer" side of FatCatz

I have always considered myself "Wired for Art"…drawing and painting since childhood. Following high school I attended commercial art school in Cincinnati, Ohio to transition my talents into a graphic design career...but after all these years, my passion for fine arts has taken me back into the ART studio. Finally, I can enjoy BOTH, as the owner of FatCatz Creative design & marketing, AND NOW painting feverishly in my FatCatz Art Studio.

What an exciting journey I am embarking on…getting back to the art that I am so passionate about! Oil on canvas…exploring dramatic creations and not wanting to leave my studio…and the very detailed illustrations I love to paint with Gouache. I crave the canvas like some crave a decadent piece of dark chocolate…Insatiable. Now I indulge my cravings! I am exploring my new found freedom on the canvas as a fanatic of texture and dark rich colors, while at the same time, respecting my desire and need for great detail. I truly believe that I was born an artist…a gift from God, and HIS gifts are not to be denied.

Exploring new ideas and techniques. Discovering who I really am—with NO LIMITATIONS.

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